Get in the Cloud

Cloud based businesses are our business. And it's not just remote file storage.

Transfer Big Files

Raw video footage? Not a problem. We know how to move big data fast.

Keep Data Secure

We know how to keep files locked down. Security, so you can sleep at night.
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We Can Move Big Files Fast

We have discovered a way to send ridiculously large files quickly and easily, and we folded that technology into our eSecureSend service. It's new technology that helps businesses working with large files like video save time.

We Keep Data Secure and Private

So we are at home in the healthcare tech world. We know plenty of alphabet soup acronyms like EDI 270/271, HL7, XML to Mirth Connect, Drools, PCI and HIPAA. And we continue to help our clients move healthcare data to the cloud.

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Free Large File Transer


Ever tried sending a massive file through one of the popular file sharing services? We have a better solution: eSecureSend.

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