eSecureSend is the online file transfer service that offers virus-free processing, full security, and the quickest transfer speeds. The breakthrough technology provides businesses who deal with sensitive data, whether their own or their clients, the highest level of security possible while helping to limit their liability from data loss or hacking.

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Use eSecureSend to send your files securely to people you have preauthorized online. With an outstanding user interface and complete audit trail, eSecureSend is the best solution for high security file transfer. And when it comes to industry best practices, eSecureSend makes sure you are set with HIPAA, FINRA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley act guidelines so your peace of mind is guaranteed.

eSecureSend is a user-friendly data exchange service enabling easy transfer of data (documents, pictures, files) for your employees and clients providing the highest security availability and full accountability so you know your data is safe.

Full Encryption

Full encryption during transfer and at rest. Your data is always completely locked down.

Virus Scanning

On the fly virus scanning. Because sending viruses isn't cool, even if they are sent securely.

Complete Audit Trail

Complete audit trail. Want to know who sent or read a document, and when? Easy with eSecureSend.

Document Expiration

You can set an expiration date for your sent messages, ensuring the timely acceptance of time sensitive material and its prescribed longevity.

User Groups

Create multiple groups within your organization so only those that you give permission to can use your sensitive data.

User Roles

Control access to your data and enable group owners to create additional users and view an audit trail.

Intuitive User Interface

With the look and feel of an everyday email application, users intuitively know how to use the application.

Large File Capability

With our desktop app, send up to 1 TB in a single transfer with ease.

Business Branding

Complete customization of the Interface is available, for seamless integration with your business’ branding.