The Dmorph Story

Dmorph Inc. is the forefront leader of large file transfer and it’s not solely because they have the best product on the market. They’ve become the industry leader and created the best product on the market by listening to their customers. Dmorph Inc. didn’t set out to be the premier supplier of large data transfer, but they did so by sticking to their core value of giving the customer what they want.

In interviewing Dmorph’s staff, one cohesive theme came shining through: Dmorph is a company established entirely on meeting customer needs. It is because of this that they have the best customers and have created the best large file transfer service available. Customer service has always been the driving force that makes this small group stand out in a big way in an industry that relies heavily on bots to provide canned ‘help’ to their customers.

eSecureSend: the early days

Dmorph’s premiere SaaS, eSecureSend (eSS), began as a file transfer service for companies looking to outsource accounting services to India. While the team saw a need and a way to make it happen, CPAs weren’t keen on having their bread and butter shipped overseas. As they would soon find out, everything for a reason.

In laying the groundwork for Dmorph, the right connections were made, the right team was formed and the inner workings of what is now eSS were set in place. All it took was one customer asking if the technology could be used to ship large data and a spark was lit for what would become the premier large data transfer service available.

It’s almost hard to believe the abilities of this small group of people. Most customers have never had a reason to call customer service at Dmorph and that’s because of the ingenious, hardworking group of people behind the product. The customers that have called are surprised to speak with a real person.

How can this small team do the seemingly impossible?

“Given any problem I think we have all the right people to solve it. If you give [us] a problem, I think we will get it done - not because just the talent in the company, but I think the determination and perseverance.” -Anil

Customer Service is Key

It’s clear to see what makes this team unique and successful, but what exactly does Dmorph mean by large data transfer? Large. Gigantic. Huge. If a common data transfer service uses a standard moving box as an example, eSecureSend (eSS) is transferring cargo ships. They’re serving customers who consistently transfer between 10 GB to 3 TB a month. If a 2 GB account meets your needs, eSS is not for you.

Cargo Ships of Data

Until eSS showed up on the market, data this size was transferred via labor and time intensive measures such as shipping hard drives or using archaic FTP. By continually meeting customer needs, Dmorph has rolled out a product with auto-resume transfer, user friendly status monitoring and automatic download.

The New Era of Sending Large Files

Forget the time, cost and environmental impact of shipping hard drives that may or may not be destroyed upon arrival to your customer. Leave massively outdated and labor intensive FTP in the past where it belongs. eSS has made it as simple as downloading the software, point, click, send and get back to the business of actually running your business.